We also like….

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine: the first FOAMed resource to be peer-reviewed, their contributor list is a rollcall of the ones to watch in EM, and Michelle’s Paucis Verbis cards are a fantastic resource for the hard-of-remembering.

Broomedocs: Casey may work in a small department, but being 1000 miles away from the next hospital means he has some great cases…..

EMcrit: The resources available to Scott Weingart in New York may make you dribble with envy, but we can’t think of a better site for the management of the critically ill or injured patient in the ED – bringing upstairs care downstairs.

Emergency ECG videos: “The ECG is the absolute best test in Emergency Medicine” according to Amal, and these videos will help you squeeze every last bit of info out of them.

Emergency Medicine Ireland: Andy Neill was one of the first proponents of #FOAMed in emergency medicine, and we still haven’t found a better resource for EM-relevant anatomy.

The EMJ: Newly adopted as part of the Carley empire (see St Emlyn’s), this is the official blog of the Emergency Medicine Journal and likely to become the place to go for insight into CEM and the journal.

EM tutorials: Bite-size clinical pearls from New Zealand. Also the source for podcasts from the Southampton Emergency Medicine Project.

The ICN: for the critical care afficionados amongst you.

Life in the Fast Lane: the grandaddy if all EM FOAMed – if you haven’t been there, where have you been?

MDaware: Don’t understand the comparisons with US healthcare? Seth can explain it all!

PHARM: Unmissable for anyone involved in prehospital care or retrieval medicine, Minh seems to have contacts all round the world and is never shy of an “animated discussion”.

Resus.me: A British transplant to Oz, Cliff Reid keeps a watching brief on all things ED and PHEM – the one to watch for dogmalysis.

Rolobot Rambles: Comments on leadership, SoMe and tech in healthcare from a PEM specialist. 

Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine: Now the Canadians are in on it too. Aiming to shorten the knowledge transition gap from 10 years to 1, this will keep you up to date with clinically relevant new developments.

SmartEM: Not for the faint-hearted and never afraid to be controversial. The place to go for a deep dive into the evidence underlying so many of the things we do without thinking or questioning – the home of dogmalysis.

St Emlyn’s: Originally growing out of the training programme for EM trainees in North West England, Simon and the team in Virchester provide commentary and analysis all things EM and PEM.

ToxTalk: From the University of Massachusetts Division of Toxicology (who are EPs), toxicology relevant to the ED. Specialist but fascinating.

The Ultrasound podcast: Matt and Mike have a neverending supply of new uses for ultrasound – a must for anyone wanting to get beyond their Level 1  competencies.

and to finish, Inspector Guilfoyle – nothing to do with medicine, but it seems the police and the NHS have a lot in common!

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